About Hansken

Digital data and deduced digital traces play a continuously growing role in investigations and the furnishing of proof in crime cases. The volume, variety and variation of this data grow rapidly. As a result, there is a serious shortage of digital forensic knowledge and a growing need for new knowledge to handle this growth.

Hansken is designed to give access to and insight in digital data and traces originating from seized and demanded material. Since 2012, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has been developing a prototype to provide Digital Forensics as a Service (DFaaS). In recent years, parts of this platform have been rolled out and successfully applied at the Dutch National Police and the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, amongst others.

Hansken has proven itself in supporting over 700 crime cases and withstood a profound judicial review.

Investigations are more effective and efficient by mobilizing case detectives and digital forensic experts

Case investigators and digital experts can join their forces for simultaneously analyzing large data collections

Standardized interfaces make it possible to extend Hansken with extra functionality

Hansken secures the application of legal and forensic principles (security, privacy and transparency, amongst others)

Hansken is the forensic investigation and research platform facilitating innovation and knowledge sharing


Main advantages

Improved investigative capacity and speed

Analysis capacity increases because case detectives can independently investigate digital data and traces. Experts focus on deepening and interpreting identified traces.

Improved investigative results

Case detectives can concurrently investigate large quantities of data coherently. Parties can bundle their forces (capacity and knowledge) for further developing the platform. 

Stored and automated knowledge is actively shared amongst all crime cases.

Increased innovation

Digital forensic knowledge is strengthened and enlarged by (inter)national cooperation. Parties can connect existing tools and libraries to the platform and develop there own extensions.

High quality reporting

The quality and transparency of case reports increases since the Hansken platform implements legal and forensic principles. For each trace, the chains of evidence and custody are in place.

Optimized organizational integration

Use of the platform makes it possible for parties to easily cooperate and bundle their investigative forces while maintaining the forensic quality. 

Case detectives are enabled to independently investigate digital data and traces without being directly supported by digital forensic experts. Experts focus on deepening and interpreting identified traces. In this way, case investigations are sped up and a substantial contribution to solving the need for more digital forensic expertise is provided.

DFaaS process

To further increase investigative power, national and international law enforcement agencies and science institutes closely cooperate in developing and sharing digital forensic knowledge. Providing clearer insight in available traces results in better investigative outcomes. Parties use Hansken as joint platform for:

  • case investigations;
  • research and development;
  • sharing and reuse of digital forensic knowledge.

Main characteristics


developed and maintained by Netherlands Forensic Institute


all evidence is traceable (chain of evidence)
advanced logging of embedded data processors


>100 concurrent cases
cases with >1000 seized devices
cases with >100 terabytes of data
cases with >100 million traces


all handling of traces is auditable (chain of custody)
profound judicial review in Dutch court
support for handling privileged communication


Investigate Innovate Share
use the platform for crime case investigations

efficient mobilization of investigators and experts
R&D to extend Digital Forensic knowledge

continuous development of the DFaaS platform

use Hansken as a knowledge "hub"

share Digital Forensic methods and procedures

share Digital Forensic tools and technology